Playing Musical Instruments

Chiropractic advice for musical instrument players

Stay In Tune Both Physically and Instrumentally! Chiropractor Anna Papadopoulou has some advice for fellow musicians. Playing flute in an orchestra myself, I can relate and understand how hard it is to keep ‘in tune’ sometimes! So here is some helpful information for musicians everywhere when playing


World Spine Day Event

World spine day

World Spine Day Event Chiropractor Anna Papadopoulou reports on the event Stockton Chiropractic Clinic held on World Spine Day. The theme of this year’s day was “Straighten Up and Move” designed to emphasize the importance of healthy spinal posture and activity which promotes body awareness and minimizes the



Sitting down

Move, move, move! Clinic owner Kerri Stone has been looking into problems caused by long periods sitting down and discovers that simply sitting is not as innocuous as it might appear… In the clinic, we often see people with neck, mid or low back pain, who have


Back Pain – Computing

Back Pain Prevention – Computing Back pain can often be caused by using computers and laptops without thinking about how you are using them. However, there are ways to help prevent back pain and associated issues from occurring. In addition to watching the video you can download


Back Pain – Driving

Back Pain Prevention – Driving Back pain can be brought about by driving, particularly on long journeys. Of course passengers can be affected too but as a driver your ability to move about is limited and so puts you at an increased risk of back pain. People


Back Pain – Sleeping

Back Pain Prevention – Sleeping Back pain can often be a result of lack of movement and we move relatively little compared to the amount of hours we spend a sleep. What we sleep on is therefore fundamentally important given we spend so much of our lives