Working From Home – Desk Set Up

Rachel Chapman, our sports therapist and pilates teacher, has put together some information for you about correct desk set up and general advice for home workers. Thanks Rachel!

With many of us now working from home, I thought it would be a great idea for us all to think about and check our home desk set up. After all posture at this time is so important to help keep us all pain free and healthy to avoid unnecessary pressure on the NHS. There are many benefits of having good posture including:

  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Fewer headaches
  • Less tension in the shoulders and neck
  • Decreased wear and tear on joints
  • Improved circulation and digestion

Many things such as sitting at our desks for prolonged periods of time can lead to habitual poor posture. However making a few changes and becoming aware of posture can easily lead to changing postural habits and improving how you look and feel. Steps to take to improve sitting posture:

  • Keep feet flat on the floor or on a foot rest.
  • Check the top of the monitor is at eye level or just below.
  • Use a small, rolled-up towel or lumbar support to help maintain the curve of the lower back.
  • Distribute weight evenly between the hips.
  • Sit up with your back straight and shoulder back.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed.

Remember to move often throughout the day ideally every 30-60 minutes!

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