Simon Hunter - Massage Therapist

Simon Hunter – Massage Therapist


live and work in Hartlepool and have done regular massage treatment sessions at Stockton Chiropractic Clinic for over many years now.

I decided to become a therapist when my health started to suffer as a result of the chemicals I was working with in the car industry. I needed to get out and health became important in a very real way. Although going back into education was not easy I was determined to retrain and embark on a new career. Now I have the pleasure of doing a job I love and working with a broad range of people

I started my training studying sports therapy in the evenings at Teesside College and discovered I had a great interest in the human body. Over the last 13 years in the profession I have continued to train with other therapists in differing fields of expertise and I will shortly begin to study cranial therapy.

Over the years I have worked with many different people from sports stars like Eddy Ellwood (strong man and Mr Universe) to pop bands like UB40, Green Day, Girls Aloud and Rough Traders. Most of all though I enjoy working with everyday people from all walks of life. Ultimately I am motivated by being able to help people in a very practical way through our therapies and combined knowledge.

Having experienced problems, from my time in the car industry, I take my health very seriously now so I swim, cycle, walk and do jujitsu. I have two brilliant boys who also enjoy all these activities with me and help to keep me fit and focused. To go along with that I like to eat a good diet as it helps my sports and simply live a healthy life feeling fit.