Online Consultations

How can you help me if I am not right there in front of you, face to face?

In our experience, you want several things when you come to see us at the clinic. You want to: 

  • Understand what the problem is, and what you can do about it. 
  • Reassurance that you are on the right track with what you are currently doing, and if not, you want to find out what you should start or stop doing. 
  • Advice on what you can do to make it better, and to find out when you can return to the activities you love
  • Exercises to help yourself, and support to see you through the initial period and beyond. 

We have the knowledge to help you with all these things – and none of these require hands-on treatment. Hands-on treatment can absolutely be part of both a short and long-term strategy for management of all kinds of issues, but it is only a SMALL part of our overall knowledge.  In an online consultation we can:

  • Talk to you face to face via video link and observe your movement.
  • Listen to your story.
  • Conduct tests to help us work out what is wrong.
  • Explain what we think is going on and advise you on what to do next (triage), including help to access the right health professional if we feel we are not your best option.
  • Reassure you.
  • Give you lifestyle advice.
  • Let you know what to do/what not to do so you can get better faster.
  • Give you exercises – from one or two up to a whole rehabilitation programme.
  • Do follow up sessions, if appropriate, to provide the support you are looking for.
How much is it?

A new patient or new complaint online appointment is £60.

Existing patients’ treatment/rehab follow on online sessions are £38.  

Should I book a virtual appointment?

We will of course continue to help our existing patients and new enquiries free of charge as we always have done.  This might include a brief chat about how you are getting on, requests for more exercises, general advice, or talking about whether your problem needs help from us at all.

However, if you would have booked an appointment to come and see us face-to-face, then YES an online consultation is a good idea. 

I am not sure whether I need just a chat or whether to book an appointment?

This one is easy!  Just contact us and we can talk it through. We will never recommend anything we are not convinced will be beneficial.

If you would like to make an online consultation appointment or discuss suitability of an online appointment get in touch…

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What do patients think of Online Consultation?

I called the clinic even though I was not a registered patient, seeking help, at the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency. I was in agony at times with a chronic condition that had returned at just the right time! I spoke with Kerri Stone. What a very fortunate thing it was that I chose this clinic to seek help from. Kerri listened very patiently and then through a very good and careful series of questions and reactions to some body movements I was asked to do, arrived at an understanding of what was going on and suggested some very particular, gentle exercises. I did as I was told and the relief from pain was astonishing! I still need some formal treatment of course, but as a stop-gap, the help she has given has been absolutely first class. You can guess where I am going when we are all allowed to see each other again. Thank you Kerri!!

Steve Wilks, April 2020

I found everything about my experience with the virtual consultation very positive. The emails prior to the appointment were so clear and very easy to follow, the consultation was great and gave opportunity to ask any questions or concerns I had about painful areas. The invoice came through with no problem and payment was very simple. Afterwards, the exercises on your email are again, easy to follow and informative. It must have taken lots of planning, so thank you very much!

Laura Murphy, April 2020