Laser treatment up and running!

Clinic Director Kerri Stone has researched Low Intensity Laser Therapy and has invested in this new treatment for patients…

I have been coveting a Low Intensity Laser Therapy machine for some time.  It is something I really wanted to offer our patients here at the clinic, as it can be so helpful in lots of different conditions.  It can accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and block pain signals – what’s not to like!  I am happy to say that we have now purchased the equipment and can offer this additional service to those who will benefit.

My first experience of laser therapy was in 2009 when I visited a Canadian clinical massage therapist near my home for treatment of a chronic repetitive strain problem in my wrist.  Laser therapy is much more widely used in Canada and North America than it is in the UK – largely due to the cost of the equipment.   My therapist first treated me with massage, which helped to alleviate symptoms by about 40% – I did have to put up with significant soreness after treatment as well.  Then she added laser therapy to the treatment programme and the improvement over 3-4 sessions was dramatic – and no soreness following quite intensive massage therapy either.   This was my first introduction to laser therapy and I was very impressed.  Since then regular massage and laser therapy has meant I have had no further problems with my wrist and arm, despite having a very physically demanding job.

Laser is also used a lot in the world of equine therapies, and being a horse owner myself I have seen first-hand the improvement in my horse following laser treatment.  Horses are very receptive patients, and they show they are enjoying the treatment by licking, chewing and yawning, and generally becoming very relaxed.  At her last laser treatment my horse actually went to sleep!  Although I am not expecting this reaction from our human patients as we are usually too busy chatting for any sleeping to occur….

Since my first experience with laser, I have done a lot more research on the benefits and I remain convinced that it’s a great addition to the services we provide at the clinic.  We are all really looking forward to developing treatment plans for chronic and acute injuries and pain syndromes that can sometimes be a little resistant to the more traditional chiropractic treatments – adding the laser will provide significant benefits.

All the therapists at the clinic have been trained in basic use of the laser equipment; we will let you know how we get on with it over the next few months….

Kerri Stone

Clinic Director and Chiropractor.