Paul Allen - Chiropractor

Paul Allen – Chiropractor

Hello. I’m Paul, hailing from Sunderland. My interest in health and being well is rooted in my involvement in sports. Athletics took me around the world with some of the best coaches and athletes and ultimately led me to Chiropractic. I have a special interest in athletics, particularly long & triple jump. I learned some of the most effective rehab/prehab routines from people at the highest levels from different sporting backgrounds.

I am particularly motivated by helping people who feel overwhelmed with pain and let down by the ‘medical system’. You would think being listened to properly should be a given. Sadly, it is not the case. Listening properly to you and considering you as a whole person is the bedrock of how I practice chiropractic. It is important to me that you do not feel alone and beyond help.

My approach is about working in partnership with you to help you consider new outlooks on your pain and explore what you can do to work towards reducing and eliminating pain that will put you back in the driving seat. My ambition is to enable people live a life that they want to live, not governed by worry and fear.

Outside of work I love all combat sports and am a dad, husband & keen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, hence the funny ears!